Our remote HR support services include:

• Dedicated Account Management
• Bespoke HR Support Team
• HR Software Portals
• HR Staffing
• Policy Creation
• Document Creation & Updating
• Handbooks & Employment Manuals
• Recruitment & Employment Contracts

• Annual Leave & Recording
• Sickness Policies & Recording
• Disciplinary & Redundancies Processes
• Dispute & Tribunal Representation
• Legal Compliancy
• Bespoke HR Software
• Training & Development

Remote HR Support

Not all organisations require the physical presence of an HR team, this is especially relevant for smaller organisations and start-up enterprises. Indeed, many of our clients prefer to use outsourced remote services for the multiple benefits it offers, such as resource reductions in desk space, therefore resulting in long term cost savings. Remote working has never been easier due to flexible working conditions and advances in technology and communication channels; however, many organisations remain sceptical about its use.

Our remote solutions offer the same level of professional coverage and advisory support as our onsite packages. Each of our clients is allocated a dedicated account manager, thus obtaining an open communication avenue for a transparent view of their HR support, workflows, and progress reporting. Each of our services can be tailored for fixed-term contracts or monthly payment options for those whos HR needs change from month to month. All of our options are scalable and have been designed to grow alongside a business.

Having a single HR contact, whether that be an individual or team is critical for effective employee relations and will cultivate an environment of trust amongst departments. Although we draw from a range of communication capabilities, we still believe that having a human voice at the end of the phone to answer questions is invaluable. Our custom HR software portal can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures, allowing employees real-time access to annual leave entitlement and sickness. Not only does using a digitalised HR portal streamline processes, but it also benefits management teams and leaders who wish to access up to date data at the tap of a button. Our software adheres to the highest security protocols to ensure that data storage legislation is met, and data is accurately stored at all times.