Our department restructuring services include:

• Organisational Chart Formation
• Department Responsibility Setting
• Employee Responsibility Setting
• Reporting Hierarchies
• Digital Management

• Risk Assessment
• Function Analysis
• Communication Creation
• Communication Development
• Change Management Programmes

Department Restructuring

Department restructuring is not as daunting as it sounds, however it should be carried out by a professional provider who has experience of the process. Our consultants have advised, led, and managed hundreds of success restructuring programmes that have focused on the restructuring of management teams for improved hierarchal reporting through to change communication programmes that effectively communicate changes and new responsibilities across departments.

Ensuring the right teams are in the right place to support business need is what we do best. It can often be challenging for most teams to objectively identify functions that are not working as they should, therefore we carry out an in-depth analysis of existing practices and offer reccomdneations on the reduction, improvement or removal of functions according to performance. This can be one of the most sensible avenues to support improved functionality and efficiencies amongst departments.

When the correct structure is in place it enables teams to effectively communicate and work together in the knowledge that each has a clearly defined set of procedures and functions that support each other. Our consultants create detailed digital organisational charts that clearly outline reporting hierarchies across teams, departments, and the entire organisation, ensuring each employee has a direct reporting avenue and their responsibilities are clear.