Our compliance & record keeping services include:

• Legal Compliance
• Bespoke Storage Options
• Procedure Creation
• Online Management Portal
• Compliance Training

• Record Keeping Management
• Employment Law
• Sickness, Absence, Maternity & Paternity
• Employee File Management

Compliance & Record Keeping

When it comes to legally compliant record keeping an organisation must be up to date with changes in data protection laws. Our consultants can help any organisation effectively navigate the often-complex process, ensuring its legal responsibilities and obligations are met, therefore offering maximised business protection at all times.

Long gone are the days when employee records were stored in filing cabinets, it is now prudent to effectively store and manage digital copies that can be easily accessed on request. Our consultants can develop bespoke storage capabilities with interchangeable search parameters for easy access by authorised users. We have developed software solutions that offer maximised security options to ensure clients are legally compliant at all times and that stored data is safe and secure.

Effectively and well-organised storage is a must when implementing disciplinary procedures that follow a rigid set of due process. Failure to adhere to legal responsibilities may lead to hefty fines and possible employment tribunals from a disgruntled employee. Do not leave your business valuable to such events, contact us today to find out more about our support packages.