Our payroll & pension services include:

• Full Payroll Management
• Bespoke Payroll Software
• Sickness & Annual Leave Policy Creation
• New Hire Set-up
• Maternity & Paternity Pay
• Tax Code Changes
• Pension Scheme Registration

• Itemised Payslips
• Workforce Assessments
• Document Management
• Legal Complaint
• Employee Benefits
• HR Compliance

Payroll & Pensions

Fully managed payroll services not only offers peace of mind it offsets the need for an internal specialist team, therefore frees up employee workloads to focus on other business areas. This is especially important for smaller organisations who may not have a sound understanding of legal obligations when it comes to effective payroll management and pension advice.

Managing payroll services requires extensive and up to date knowledge of taxation systems and a nuanced understanding of legal obligations when it comes to providing employee benefits. To minimise any possible legal repercussions that may arise due to mishandled payroll it is advisable to use a professional consultancy firm.

We offer fully managed support options so that our clients can rest assured their employees are paid the correct amount and on time, therefore minimising occurrences of incorrectly deducted tax or absence days due to sickness. Our consultants can advise on auto-enrolment schemes and develop unique workplace pension schemes that are the best fit for a business and its employees.