Our recruitment & new hire services include:

• Role Responsibility Creation
• Job Description Creation
• Employee Specifications
• Head Hunting & Talent Searches
• Advertising & Management

• Competency & Psychometric Testing
• CV screening & Shortlisting Candidates
• Designing Interview Questions
• Conducting Interviews; Face to Face, Telephone
• New Hire Policies & Contracts

Recruitment & New Hires

The recruitment process can often be laborious and time-consuming, therefore many organisations lack the resources to effectively manage the process. To attract the best talent in the work pool it takes more than placing an online advertisement. Recruiting the right employees for any organisation can make all the difference to the progression of a business and support its growth.

Hiring the wrong employee can result in numerous future issues should it be decided they are the wrong fit or fail to live up to the promises of their CV. Our consultants spend the time to understand the type of employee that would be the best fit for an organisation - we aim to get it right the first time. We create detailed role specifications and profiles before beginning any search, ensuring that all advertisements and searches are legally compliant. Many of our clients have been surprised to learn that employment law applies even before the hiring of an employee, this can be seen in laws relating to discrimination and data protection.

We headhunt and talent search for the best individuals in their field and carry out detailed vetting pre-interviews. The interview process can be tailored towards our client's preferred structure, though normally follows a format of a preliminary interview and second stage face to face interview with management teams. Our consultant's design interview questions that aim to test the analytical and problem-solving capabilities of applicants. This is partnered with competency testing and referencing before an official employment offer is made. Our consultants can be present in interviews or conduct the entire recruitment process to ensure a seamless solution.